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Solutions We Provide

The application of Syndego Phase Change Materials technology offers impactful, long-lasting and cost-effective solutions. See how our products use smart thermal storage to meet the operational needs and energy-efficiency goals for your business.

Retail / Business & Medical Offices / Hospitality

Syndego Phase Change Materials has proven to be an effective tool for moderating temperature swings in buildings in Schools, Military, Retail, High Rise Housing, Business and Medical Offices, and in the Hospitality Industries.

Related Building Types:

Banks | Churches | Hospitals | Hotels

Telecom / Data Centers

In telecom structures, Syndego Phase Change Materials conserves energy and acts as a backup system to prevent servers from overheating and disrupting service.

Related Building Types:

Computer Labs | Server Rooms

Government / Education

With government and education buildings, there is typically a mixture of both old and newly renovated structures with high energy and maintenance costs. Syndego Phase Change Materials applications create optimal sustainability per unit with a positive ROI to free up budget.

Related Building Types:

Military | Colleges & Universities | K-12


For residences, we focus on lowering homeowners’ electricity bills by reducing energy consumption with Syndego Phase Change Materials products.

Related Building Types:

Single & Multi Story Homes | Apartments | Condos

Warehouse / Industrial Processes

In warehouse and industrial buildings, Syndego Phase Change Materials stabilizes temperature swings to protect both the product and employee. Our applications can provide resiliency and redundancy while offsetting peak demand charges.

Related Building Types:

Factories | Distribution Facilities

Don’t fit into one of these categories?

Contact us to learn your potential energy savings, return on investment and how we can reduce both discomfort and the average cooling load for your building. With experienced personnel and database of energy-savings performance, we can work with you to reduce your energy costs up to 50%. Contact our applications engineers for in-house modeling and design support today.

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