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We are proud to be co-developer and a source for the most advanced PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL technology developed for the building industry

Our suite of building-efficiency products is powered by Syndego Phase Change Materials a patented and proprietary phase change material. When installed within a structure, Syndego Phase Change Materials actively stabilizes interior temperature, absorbing heat when temperature exceeds a desired target and releasing heat when temperature drops below that target.

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What is Phase Change Material?

Think of your home like a drink cooler… 

If you wanted to keep the temperature inside a cooler ideal for drinks, why would you use a heating and cooling system to do this when you could use ICE (aka Phase Change Material)? Yet this is exactly what we do with our buildings.

Syndego Phase Change Materials is a building product that behaves as a Phase Change Material (PCM) designed to freeze and thaw at the exact temperature you want, to keep your living and working spaces closer to target temperature without the use of conventional energy sources.

When your home or space gets hot (from solar gain, occupants, cooking, partying etc), Syndego Phase Change Materials absorbs unwanted heat as the material inside it’s cells begin to melt. Later when the temperatures get cooler, Syndego Phase Change Materials RELEASES that heat as it begins to freeze (at night) – all the while maintaining the space at a comfortable target temperature.

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100% Natural, Non Toxic and Fire Proof!

Syndego Phase Change Materials cracked the code of long life salt hydrate based Phase Change Materials. Syndego Phase Change Materials is made from naturally occurring raw matters easily and immediately procured anywhere in the world and unlike many other PCMS it is a Class one fire rated material WITHOUT the need for chemical fire retardants

HVAC power consumption is reduced by up to 50%, producing energy savings that rapidly pay back the installed cost of our products. Syndego Phase Change Materials products install quickly without business disruption and require little or no maintenance. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and have a demonstrated useful life of over 50 years.

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Syndego Phase Change Materials is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it, releasing it when you do.

It works the same as ice inside a cooler, slowly melting or thawing to maintain a target temperature using the process of phase change. It drastically increases the resiliency of buildings and communities, slashes energy costs by as much as half and increases the capacity for a more comfortable world.

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