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Energy, is Energy We Do Not Use. Therefore, Energy Conservation is the Most Important Element of Any Energy Program

Smarter  Building Insulation

Smarter Building Insulation

Operating costs for commercial and residential buildings are on the upswing. Rising energy costs, poor construction practices, and a fundamental misunderstanding of insulation technology are the primary reasons. Syndego’s Solution combines Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and traditional “R” Value. This combination is proven to save up to 50% in total energy costs related to heating, cooling, and ventilation and can have a positive return on the investment beginning the 1st month!

By removing the heat above the indoor set point, PCMs dramatically reduce the structure’s AC loading.

Where normal wall and ceiling temperatures might be 90 or even 100 degrees in summer, it will be limited to the melting point of the PCMs chosen, making the building much more comfortable and reducing the AC loading from what could be a 25-degree delta T (thermostat set at 75 and 100 radiating through the ceiling) to 5 degrees or less!

The object is to choose your PCM melting point just above the ideal temperature for your application (such as your thermostat set point). The difference between the desired temperature and the PCM melting point (sometimes called Delta T) is reduced to as close to zero as possible, keeping in mind that optimizing energy savings includes the use of overnight ambient low temps to refreeze the PCMs.

What is it?

What is it?

PCMs regulate temperatures and improve comfort by controlling heat flows.

  • It offers energy management services by using thermal energy to switch states from a solid to a liquid and vice versa, rather than to increase temperature.

  • PCMs maintain an ideal temperature throughout the day, allowing less dependency on climate control measures like HVAC.

Quick Hits:

Quick Hits:

  • Dynamic Alternative to Traditional Insulation

  • Non-Toxic / Chemical Free

  • Sustainable

  • Naturally Fire Retardant

  • Easy to Install

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  • Internal Components: Combination of salt and clay complexes and water (PCMs)

  • Technical Description: Inorganic Phase Change Materials

  • PCM Formulations are hydrophobic - meaning they do not attract moisture

  • External Film: PCM is heat-sealed within a durable, quilted, foil-based membrane.

  • MAT Size:

  • Up to 43" Wide

  • 3/8” THICK

  • 6 oz to 2# per sqft

  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - Dalton, Georgia

As PCMs save electricity they also save water. According to NREL (the National Renewable Energy Labs) approximately 2 gallons of water is lost to evaporation for every KWhr generated.

So, if the use of Syndego PCMs saves you 400 KWhrs in a month, your energy savings is also saving up to 800 gallons of water!

Award and Press Release

Award and Press Release

AIMCAL 2022 Product of the Year