In-House Testing for  Proper Quality Control

In-House Testing for Proper Quality Control

Data primer and “Ruskin” are examples of in-house Syndego Technology technical data testing done as part of quality control efforts.

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View the reports below:


This sheet is produced by a proprietary apparatus of our design-build. You will see that it provides more data than any of the ASTM protocols. We introduce a heat source into the space on a dimmer that simulates the sun coming up and setting over a 24-hour cycle. The yellow line tracks the sunlit surface temperature; the brown line represents the temperature at the known R Values (represented in the yellow boxes E-11-13... The red line is the temperature of the PCM layer... The blue line is the conditioned space temperature... You will note in the chart that the temperatures are taken from all 4 points every 4 minutes over the 24 hours.

Just follow the printed numerical columns below the graph. Two very important things show up right away. One that the PCM never reaches anywhere near the Peak surface temperatures, and two, when it finally does reach its peak, it is 4-5 hours LATER than the sunlit peaks... (Power companies love this!) A couple of other points, in G-H row 7, You will see the heating and cooling load reductions the PCMs have introduced (under these conditions). In E-4, you will see the BTUs and the PCM controls; in D-E 10, you will see the R-Value Necessary to bring the brown line down to the red line. That is necessary to equal the performance of the PCM with the given R-Value... Of course, PCM doesn’t have an “R” Value, so we do not make this claim... Still, all the data is there.